Food Net - Week 4

FoodNet Volunteers!

First of all, a BIG thank you to those who jumped in and helped with the sorting of our last minute delivery yesterday. Second, I want to apologize to the two people who called me during this hectic period. I must have sounded crazed and confused - if not a bit rude. I’m just not as good at multi-tasking as I used to be and I appreciate your understanding.

Now, on to the update…

Food-Net Weeks 1 - 4As you can see, we persist in increasing the number of individuals coming each week and continue to see new faces. I think the fluxing of total number served may be related to the poor weather conditions of weeks 2 and 4, as those with larger families and physical restrictions may not have been able to attend. However, the number of signatures may be a better reflection of the growth and our effect on the community than the total number served. Total number served could be misleading since we don't personally know these people and the number signed in is more accurate given that we actually see them as they sign the log sheet. In any case, we expect these numbers to continue to increase as the word gets out and the weather gets better.

Also, we are averaging 19 workers throughout the day, putting in a total of 60 hours. VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Your action is requested . . .

  1. Remember to pray for those coming, that their interest in the Lord may be sparked and we will be able to help guide them to receive salvation.
  2. If you haven’t already, please make sure to let Joyce know your preferred method of communication as soon as possible; that is, by email or US mail.
  3. At our first meeting we discussed setting up a rotation schedule for volunteers. Please let us know your feelings on pursing this or if you would rather it remain on a “come if you can” basis?
  4. If you received a package from Aging Partners about mileage reimbursement and have any questions let us know. Remember, you can’t be reimbursed until you fill out the information and get it retuned!

It is so encouraging to see this enthusiasm and the effort everyone is putting into making this outreach effective. May God continue to bless this endeavor.

Jim, Gini and Joyce