Welcome to the NW Lincoln Church of Christ website!

The members of The Northwest Lincoln Church of Christ wish to express a warm welcome to you. Please pause a few moments on your Internet journey to see what we are about.

What We Are About

We are a group of individuals that realize the Universe and ourselves did not just appear by chance. Just the opposite is true as evidenced in the complexity of all that surrounds us. We believe God created everything that is seen and unseen. If God went to such effort to bring about the world and all it contains, there must be a reason or plan. We believe that plan for humanity is revealed in the Bible.

The Bible contains a wealth of information on how we are to handle relationships with God and each other. Through a misunderstanding or incomplete information others have characterized God as mean or uncaring. In our studies we have learned that God does not call us to pain and misery, but instead, calls us to be his children. What loving parent would intentionally harm their child? The same is true with God the Father. He desires the best for those that follow his guidance.

Come study with us as we gain a better understanding of:

  • The intense love that God has for us.
  • Why people suffer in this world
  • Why we are alive today and what God intends for us in this life and after death.
  • How to become one of God's children.

Please come visit or write to us about how we can help in your search for truth. We would be happy to send instructional materials to help you in your study of the Bible. If you live in the area, please plan on visiting us at your earliest convenience at one of the meeting times listed. You are always welcome and we hope to see you soon.